ApostasyThe story of APOSTASY begins in spring 2000 when Mathias Edin and Håkan Björklund started jamming together. They were soon to be joined by Mathias older brother Fredric Edin and Lars Engström. Fredric at that time both on vocals and bass and Lars mainly on rythm guitar.
Having played several local gigs with good response the band in january 2002 headed for Studio Underground to record their first demo entitled Marchosias, which also was the band name at that point. Over a weekend the two songs Venomous and Demons of the night were recorded.
The Marchosias demo didn't land any record deals but achieved the interest by some of the few labels that had been contacted.
The direction of the music now started to gain more influence of the black metal genre. This leading to the departure of guitarist Lars Engström. In replacement for Lars the old friend Henrik Johansson was quickly recruited and also Dennis Bobzien and Andreas Edin joined in. Dennis contributing with the element of keyboars that up to this point had never been used in the music of Apostasy and Andreas taking over the bass duties from Fredric who now only wanted to focus on singing. The former quartet had now turned into a six piece band.
After playing some gigs and contributing with the track Demons of the night on the 2 disc compilation of the Smack Rock Festival the band was serious about landing a record deal.
Once again in 2002 the band headed for Västerås and Studio Underground. This time for a whole week recording three songs. The result was great and the three songs Beneath the lies of prophecy, Infernal majesty and Beauty of death in spring 2003 landed them a record deal with Black Mark Records.
About that time Andreas Edin decided to leave the band and the search for a new bass player was necessary so that the band could perform at the local city festival. Leif Högberg joined in on bass and the band performed the gig in front of a great audience. A couple of weeks later they headed for the studio to record their debut album Cell 666. This is also the time when Marchosias became APOSTASY.
Struggling with finding a place for rehearsal the band is not able to perform as many live shows they wanted.
The follow up to Cell 666, Devilution is recorded in studio underground in December 2004 and later, after some problems, released in late 2005. This was made with both a new drummer and a new bass guitarist. Thanks to Devilution APOSTASY was in december 2005 confirmed for the Summer Breeze Festival in Germany 2006.
Finally things start to turn in the right direction for the band but that was to be changed in the most brutal of ways in March 2006 when guitarist Henrik Johansson was stabbed to death in his apartment. This is, without competition, by far the thoughest period in the history of APOSTASY. With only 5 monhs to go before the gig in germany the band was lacking a guitarist, drummer and a bass player - since the drummer and bassplayer had left the band recently. Mathias at this time living in Umeå recruited Ludvig Johansson and David Ekevärn. Ludvig taking over the duties that Henrik had been doing. David took place behind the drums. In Kramfors Fredric and Leif found the new bass player Johan Edlund, this because Leif for a while (since Dennis quit) had been playing the keyboards. With only a few jam sessions together and one gig we were all standing at the Main Stage on the Summer Breeze Festival in front of thousands of fans.
Today APOSTASY is getting signed for bigger and bigger shows mostly throughout Sweden and we are currently writing new material for an upcoming album that guaranteed will blow your mind when it comes to aggressiveness and technique. Stay tuned...
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