AnalenaAnalena was born in the fall of 1997 and decided to exist as a band worthy of its name. The term Analena comes from the ancient Sanskrit, and translates as "like/by the fire". Too many great bands from this area succumbed to lack of enthusiasm, shortage of record labels and "infrastructure" in general, and last but not least, apathy. Members of Analena decided to be a different kind of band, the one that would keep the fire alive.
Although based in Zagreb, Croatia and rooted in punk rock ethos, Analena as a band was willing and determined to shatter many boundaries from the very beginning. It is symbolic that members of the band come from two countries, Croatia and Slovenia, and it comes as no surprise that during these 7 years neither listeners nor critics were able to strictly define and label their sound. In the case of this band, one man's hardcore is another man's noise is another man's punk. Diverse but steady, from bittersweet melodies and blistering hooks to pummeling and aggressive rhythms, Analena covers all the bases.
Analena worked hard from the start. Ana, Mijo, Miran, Six and Zet played towns many people wouldn't even be able to locate on the map, and beside playing all over Croatia, they also toured Europe a couple of times. They supported local scene through activism and providing help to many local bands, and in the end, through the very existence of the band. In the past they had released Arhythmetics through Get Off Records and It's Never Too Late To Split Up, a split release with Sensual Love, as a joint release between Get Off Records and Interstellar Records. Fresh out of the oven, Carbon Based is their second album, recorded and produced at Kozmo studio, Zagreb, by the members of the band themselves, with the noteworthy assistance provided by members of Lunar, another remarkable and friendly band from Zagreb. Carbon Based is a statement by a smart and mature band, an honest expression of determination and passion in full force. Analena follows its own instinct by merging charming melodies with intricate and shimmering rhythmic relentlessness. Stunning and flawless instrumentation combined with witty and poetic slogan-free lyrics takes care of the rest.
See you in the pit or see you with your headphones on. You are invited. Until then, as the band itself proclaims in the moving Work In Progress: "Stay alert!"
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