AmkenBlood-pumping Bay Area Thrash combined with those notorius in-your-face Teutonic influences are few of the things that craft the Greek quartet's unique style, gaining praise once again through their first full-length album, "Theater of the Absurd" (No Remorse Records, 2017).
With numerous live shows around Greece and abroad, AMKEN has shared the stage with bands like SODOM (DE), SUICIDAL ANGELS (GR), SIX FEET UNDER (US), NERVOSA (BR), SKELETONWITCH (US) and SKULL FIST (CA), following their debut EP "Adrenaline Shot" (2014) which was re-released as a split with Peruvian thrashers MAZE OF TERROR (EBM Records, 2015). Their biggest festival feature to date has been Schoolwave 2015 with a cheering crowd of over 1000 people.
AMKEN was formed in September 2011 in Athens, Greece.
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