Ambassador Of SifilisCruelty and brutality of everydays world has taken us to meditate about the dark extensions of different dimensions. The illusions of reality didnt convince us, so the beast, who rules our future destiny within us, woke up. The facts such as unreal promises, excessive love for female gender and lies have make us think in direction of bands such as Decapitated, Kataklysm, Cannibal Corpse. But our mind is still developing. With moderate tempo of dark chronicles, with effort and creativity, songs such as Legion of Death, Reverend, Death area and many others, have taken place in Slovenian death metal group Ambassador of sifilis. The beast exists now and is staring in the announced future. We are waiting Our brutality is your futures reality. And we are sill waiting for explosion of instruments of hatred and rage. We have an answer for you: For violence, we answer with more violence... The combination of aggressive metal sounds till exhaustion is our solution.
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