Age of AgonyAge of Agony is a Hungarian old school death metal band.
The band was formed in January 2002, but we played together from 1995 to 2002 in a formation called Silent Agony.
Kaman Pápai - vocals
Lajos Nagy - guitar
Krisztián Tóth - bass
Balázs Kovács - drums
We started as five, after recording „War, Hate, Blasphemy” we parted with one of our guitarists. Our concerts are full of energy, accompanied by brutality and mad headbanging. Age of Agony does not concentrate to technique, we are more on the old school side of death metal, the most important for us is that our music stands for the perfect death metal feeling. Our main influences are Unleashed, Dismember, Fleshcrawl, Autopsy, Nunslaughter, Massacre, etc.
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