Afsky Afsky is Ole Luk's solo project (also Heltekvad and formerly Solbrud), which is based on traditional black metal, mixed with elements from folk music and doom as well as a mixture of wildness and melancholy.
Afsky saw the light of day back in autumn 2015, when the first release, an EP of 3 tracks was self-released digitally and later on CD. Since then it has progressed strongly. Later in the spring, a single followed with a music video, which was later re-released on the EP in vinyl edition by German Vendetta Records. Later followed the first full-length "Sorg" in 2017, "Ofte jeg drømmer mig død" 2020 and an acoustic EP "I stilhed" from 2022.
Afsky was not created with the intention of being a live project, but more of a personal project for Ole. A place where all creative ideas could come together and become reality. Later, on request, Afsky has become a live band. Over the past few years, Afsky has shared stages with bands such as: Wolves in the Throne Room, Winterfyltteth, Uada, Mork, Spectral Wound, Mayhem, Panopticon etc.
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